Allowing learners to actively engage to learn English.

the learning behind literacy bees

Our program is based on the science of reading, which is the most effective approach to teach English language and we made it fun.

Guided Instruction Video

Access videos to understand the concepts in multiple languages.

Hands on Experience

Acquire knowledge through practical applications

Self Paced

flexibility to progress through the material at your prefered speed

Self Conscious Learning

Discover our resources thoughtfully designed to minimize screen time effect on your child

Rewards Zone

Discover the winners cover where we celebrate and offer rewards

Interactive Learning Zone

Explore our engaging worksheets, games and playful activities

Independent Learning

Empower your child's self guided exploration with an resources

Program Highlights

Experiment with our personalised progress powered by AI-driven feedback for parents and teachers


Reading Fluency

Sight Words


Spelling Rules

Reading comprehension

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Raising Readers

Our program is based on the science of reading, which is what research tells us about how children learn to read, and uses delightful content to create a fun, effective learning experience.


About Us

Our platform features an Interactive Learning Zone where learners can immerse themselves in engaging activities, simulations, and discussions. This collaborative space fosters peer interaction and expert guidance, enhancing comprehension and encouraging a holistic learning experience.

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